Zeitfluss Ensemble (Austria)


Saturday, November 11th 2023, 8.30 pm


Edo MICIC                                                          Conductor        

Maria Anna CHLEBUS                                  Percussion       

Hiu Yan CHOI                                                   Horn    

Judit FLIEDL                                                      Violin   

Clemens Maria FRÜHSTÜCK                   Saxophone       

Elena GABBRIELLI                                         Flute    

Daniel MOSER-SHIBATA                            Viola    

Ana OSTOJIC                                                    Piano   

Lucia Perez DIEGO                                        Cello    

Arnold PLANKENSTEINER                         Clarinet              

Georgia PRIVITERA                                        Violin   

David SCHMIDT                                              Trumpet             

Tamas György SCHULTZ                            Double Bass    


The music in the past and the present century is an exciting and fascinating chapter of the history of music. Regrettably it remains largely closed to a greater audience. The works of notable composers of that time are very rarely found on the playing schedules of musicians in the city of Graz. With the Ensemble Zeitfluss, which was founded in October 2003, conductor Edo Micic, composer Kiawasch Saheb Nassagh and saxophonist Clemens Frühstück want to work against this cultural deficit.

It is the ambition of the Ensemble Zeitfluss to confront the works of great international composers with the works of native composers. A great concern of the Ensemble Zeitfluss is to present the exciting development of present-day music and its very often hidden beauty to a general public. The Ensemble Zeitfluss wants to perform forgotten, rarely played, and unknown works as well.

The conception of its programmes is to approach a broader audience with works of great composers, of whom some have been almost completely banned from the contemporary music scene. These works are contrasted with works commissioned by the Ensemble Zeitfluss. In the last ten years more than seventy compositions were dedicated to the ensemble.

* The concert is supported by the Austrian Embassy in Cyprus and in collaboration with ÖGZM

Under the Star we breath – Andreas Moustoukis
EROT[ONDE]AS – Christina Athinodorou
Im Pulse – Giorgos Papageorgiou
Dances for the unborn Evagoras Karageorgis
East/West – Michalis Andronikou
Jede Nacht besucht uns ein Traum – Grzegorz Pieniek