6th new music festival

The Cultural Services – Ministry of Education and Culture, in cooperation with the Centre of Cypriot Composers and the Cyprus Music Information Centre, are organizing the 6th New Music Festival from 23 to 27 October 2017.

The New Music Festival will present contemporary works by Cypriot and other composers, most in their first world premiere. These works are also the local expression of first-line sound, as it is expressed in the streams of contemporary music today.

Of particular importance to the international profile of the Festival is the hosting of the outstanding modern music ensemble Nieuw Ensemble (Amsterdam, NL), which we will have the opportunity to hear at two concerts on October 25 and 27, featuring the Cypriot soprano Margarita Elia.

Within the framework of the Festival, concerts will be also given this year by the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra, premiering works by Cypriot composers (October 25 and 26 in Limassol and Nicosia, respectively). In addition, the Cypriot Music Ensemble “Chronos”, which in recent years has been successful in the performance of new music, will present a concert dedicated to works by Cypriot composers, opening of Festival on 23 October. The Dutch composer Joel Born will have a special presence at the Festival, giving a lecture on contemporary music and on his own multi-dimensional compositional work. Finally, a concert will also be given by the ensemble of electro-acoustic music of the Centre of Cyprus Composers.

The concerts will take place in the Kastelliotissa Hall (free entrance) and at the Pallas Theater (Cyprus Symphony Orchestra concert). All concerts start at 8.30 pm


MONDAY 23rd: Chronos Ensemble (CY)

A. Skordis: Tirmbo
E. Karageorgis: Triastring
H. Sophocleous:The God Particle 
F. Christis: Dedication to Vassilis Tsitsanis
S. Savvas: Emotions 
A. Pavlou: Fantasy for Solo Flute
G. Stavrou: Motus Per Tempus 

TUESDAY 24th: The Composers Improvisation Ensemble

1) A-way
2) Toccata
3) Vocalize
4) Trio 
5) One-note

WEDNESDAY 25th: Nieuw Ensemble (NL). Guest: Margarita Elia.

Georgios Stavrou – Monodrama
Tristan Keuris (1946-1996) – Canzone for clarinet solo (1989)
Martijn Padding (1956) – Keizersgracht shuffle (clarinet/harp/percussion) (2009)
Andreas Yangopoulos – The Grenfell Tower Fire
John Cage (1886–1964) – In a landscape for harp solo (1948)
Guus Janssen (1951) – Passage (Euphonium/ clarinet/harp/percussion) (2017)
Andreas Moustoukis – Haiku

THURSDAY 26th: Cyprus Symphony Orchestra. World premieres by Cypriot Composers (Pallas Theater)

T. Stylianou – Protest
G. Christoforou – Liquids
H. Sophocleous – Spectrum
G. Stavrou – Emmoni…
A. Moustoukis – “if I die … she said”

FRIDAY 27th: Nieuw Ensemble (NL). Guest: Margarita Elia.

Ayis Ioannides – O vos omnes
Haris Sophocleous – Interactions
Tasos Stylianou – Y despues
John Cage – Ryoanji (clarinet/tenor tuba/ percussion)