10th new music festival



The festival kicks off on Monday, November 8th with Chronos Contemporary Music Ensemble. The ensemble, consisting of Sorin Alexandru Horlea (violin), Miranda Papaneokleous (cello), Nikos Ioannou (double bass), Virginie Bove (flute), George Georgiou (clarinet), Drosostalida Moraitis (piano) and Marios Nicolaou (percussion), will perform works from the international contemporary repertoire, as well as compositions by A. Kalogirou, E. Karageorgis, G. Papageorgiou, A. Skordis, C.Stylianou and N. Vichas.


On Tuesday, November 9th, the festival continues with the “Music Landscapes for Voice”, a concert for voice, violin, clarinet, and electronics. Kristia Michael (vocalist), Alexis Theophylactou (violin) and Panagiotis Sioras (clarinet) will perform, among others, works by A. Moustoukis, A. Skordis, G. Stavrou and T. Stylianou.


Our next concert is on Thursday, November 11th by the Ensemble du Bout du Monde. The Ensemble du Bout du Monde (EBM) is an award-winning collective made up of four classically trained saxophonists from Israel, Italy, and the United States, living in Belgium, France, and Switzerland. As a contemporary ensemble, they are constantly searching to place art in unexpected and truly unique situations. The ensemble will present works by M. Andronikou, G. Hadjimarkou, T. Itoh, E. Karageorgis, M. Luc and H. Sophocleous.


Friday, November 12nd is dedicated to the Black Page Orchestra. Founded in 2014 in Vienna, Black Page Orchestra is an ensemble for radical and uncompromising music of current times. The name derives from Frank Zappa’s composition the black page, a piece which its score is, due to the high density of notes and musical events, nearly a black paper. Beside this clear aesthetical approach, the ensemble focuses on compositions using electronics, video and different technologies in an artistic context as well as pieces with performative character. The ensemble will present works by M. Andronikou, M. Ivicevic, H. Kiyama, H. Sophocleous, G. Stavrou and T. Stylianou.


The festival concludes on Saturday, November 13th with a piano recital by Christos Fountos, presenting works by M. Andronikou, E. Karageorgis, G. Papageorgiou, S. Savva, G. Stavrou and T. Stylianou.